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OOA 's Santa Monica office is well-represented at the Women's March, LA, January, 2017.  Blase Bonpane foreground, RoseErin Colby, rear left, Theresa Bonpane, rear right.  Photo courtesy of Russell Colby.

OOA ‘s Santa Monica office is well-represented at the Women’s March, LA, January, 2017. Blase Bonpane foreground, RoseErin Colby, rear left, Theresa Bonpane, rear right. Photo courtesy of Russell Colby.

In 2018, we continue to work to resist the current administration’s devastation to people and the planet.  The poor, the immigrant, Muslims, Latinos, and our LGBT friends have been especially targeted by our President-Elect.  Not to mention his attacks on our environment.

The words of labor leader Joe Hill are a constant reminder that inaction is not an option.

For a downloadable copy of our list and other organizing materials, Organizing booklet.

“Don’t Mourn, Organize!”

There are many good, positive ways to take action and show your solidarity. Some of our recommendations are below; our organizing booklet has many more and is updated frequently.

– OurRevolution.com – This site came out of the Bernie Sanders movement, and is a great place to start to find critical issues and actions that you can take on a daily basis.  Start your day with a cup of coffee and a peek at ourrevolution.com!

– Organizing for Action – This one started out as barackobama.com; as Obama began as a community organizer, this movement encourages community organization and is committed to training the next group of progressive leaders.  Lots of great stuff going on here including downloadable documents you can use in organizing and lots of tangible advise and links.

Indivisible – a downloadable guide for resisting the Trump Agenda; and lots of action ideas, lists of events, etc.  Indispensable!

– For climate justice350.org

Fighting the Dakota Access Pipelinewww.everydayofaction.org

Protecting our rightsthe American Civil Liberties Union

– For campaign finance reformEnd Citizens United

– For homeless children and youthCovenant House

Ending the Electoral College, overturning Citizens United, and more – Legit Action

– Protecting our water and food – Food and Water Watch

– Add yourself to Elizabeth Warren‘s email list by clicking here

– To stand up against gun violence and the gun lobbyists – Everytown for Gun Safety

– To fight against human rights abuses – Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International

The Rosenberg Fund for Children makes grants available for children of targeted activists

Call or email your Congressperson! – If you’re not sure who to call, enter your zip code here and find out who your Congressperson is.

– Oxfam – Concerned about poverty in America?  Oxfam is “The power of the people against poverty”.  Donate if you can; they also have great action ideas!

– for REAL news – The Young Turks is the younger generation’s progressive media and an increasingly important outlet for real news and progressive opinion; watch them on YouTube and join and give your support to this critical cause at www.tytnetwork.com

– and of course, KPFK out of Los Angeles, from which Blase broadcasts his weekly radio program, “World Focus”. KPFK is a part of the Pacifica Network and offers a variety of progressive opinion and news.

– more for REAL news –  Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting – www.fair.org – FAIR, the national media watch group, has been invigorating the First Amendment, by offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship, since  1986