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Blase’s Commentary on Militarism and Events in Palestine

Today, my thoughts are going to come mainly not from the Palestinian world but actually from the Jewish community. I think this is where we’re seeing so much good analysis and active dissent. And we’re getting comments from all over the world. Here’s one that...
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Blase Interviews David Hartung & Jeff Cohen

I’m privileged today to have David Hartung as a guest. David is a friend of a half century. Way back in the 1960s he was a representative for the American Friends Service Committee in Washington DC. Since that time David has documented that half century in his book, Waging...
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Blase Interviews Ann Wright

Well, friends, we’ve had a lot of talk about the second amendment and the “right” of an individual to have a gun, and recently former supreme court justice Stevens said we should abolish the second amendment. Well, maybe he’s right, but the fact is that...
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