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Blase Interviews Medea Benjamin and Gwen Kirk

I’ve very privileged today to have as a guest again Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange. One of the most prominent members of the international movement for peace. Welcome, Medea. Medea: Hey, Blase. Great to be on with you.  Blase: My pleasure. I saw...
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Blase with Mimi Kennedy and Matthew Hoh

I’m privileged today to have a friend of many years as a guest. Mimi Kennedy currently stars as Marjorie, the voice of reason and AA sponsor to Christie and Bonnie on the Chuck Lorie comedy Mom. Together with the laughs of this program, watched by as many as 8 million...
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Blase Interviews Kathy Kelly

Friends, I’m privileged today to have Kathy Kelly as a guest. Kathy is an internationally recognized member of the peace movement. She has been unembedded as a witness to our wars of terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places. It’s been my special honor to know...
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