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Blase’s Commentary for a New Year

I’d like to wish everyone a very happy 2018. May there be peace in 2018. You know, the gospel message is not one of dogmas. It never has been. It’s about peace on earth, goodwill to everyone. It’s about compassion. Courage. Endurance. Joy. Love. And so often we...
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Blase’s Christmas Commentary

Well, friends, during this holiday season, I want to introduce the light of my life and the founder of the Office of the Americas. She wants to give you a greeting. Theresa Bonpane, are you there? Theresa: Yes, Blase, I’m here, and thank you! As you know, I’ve been...
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Blase Interviews Kathy Kelly

Hello, friends, and welcome to World Focus. A recent public truth commission examined the Cold War here in Los Angeles. Here’s my statement to the truth commission: “The Cold War was an attempt to continue the military industrial windfall profits of WWII. The Cold War...
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