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Blase’s Commentary on Jeremy Scahill in Conversation with Alfred McCoy

You know, friends, teaching for many years, I thought it was extremely important to ask students their opinion. In fact, many tests that I gave were simply what is your opinion of such and such. Why is that important? Because it tells us where we stand. No some students told me...
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Blase Interviews Rebecca Gordon

Friends, we’re very proud of the thousands who marched this week calling for Trump’s impeachment. Thousands gathered for the march downtown here in Los Angele, and it was one of the biggest turnouts of the nearly 50 impeachment marches all across the country....
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Blase’s Commentary on Militarism and the Culture of Death

Friends, we’re very proud of the work that has been done by Code Pink and so many others. The Conference of Mayors represented 253 attending mayors from big cities like New York and Los Angeles. It was in opposition to Trump’s call for an additional 54 billion dollars...
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