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Blase Interviews Tim Shorrock

Friends, I’m privileged today to have Tim Shorrock as a quest today. He’s written extensively about Korea. He grew up in Korea and Japan. His blog is “Money Doesn’t Talk: It Swears.” His most recent piece is Congress and North Korea: Diplomacy is Not...
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Blase Interviews Andrew Cockburn

I’m privileged today to have Andrew Cockburn on World Focus. He’s Washington editor of Harpers Magazine. He has written a host of books on national security and produced many films with his wife, Leslie Coburn, including The Peacemaker, starring George Cloony and...
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Blase Interviews Robert Koehler

Today I’m privileged to have Robert Kohler as a guest. He’s an award-winning Chicago-based journalist and nationally syndicated writer. His recent book is Courage Grows Strong at the Wound. His website is commonwonders.com. Robert Kohler is a peace journalist. Peace...
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