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The Nicene Heresy

The following is a compilation of World Focus broadcasts (a trilogy) from February 28, March 6, and March 13, 2016.   Religion and war have been intertwined for millennia. Present international conflicts simply validate this sad reality. These reflections are dedicated to...
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Blase Interviews Elliot Adams

Hello, this is Blase Bonpane with World Focus. Today we’re very privileged to have Eliot Adams as a guest. Eliot served as national president of Veterans for Peace. AFter military service as an army paratrooper in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Alaska, he now is a non-violent...
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Blase’ Commentary on the Pope’s 2nd Encyclical Available on Amazon

Blase’s lastest book, made up of several commentaries on KPFK, “Blase Bonpane Comments on The 2nd Encyclical of Pope Francis: Laudato Si (Praise Be to You) On The Care of Our Common Home” is now available in paperback form on Amazon.  Click here for more...
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