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Chris Hedges

Friends, Venezuela has led the way with the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, known as ALBA. And we have now in Latin America some of the most popular heads of state in the world. We have a renaissance in Latin America taking place that is extremely exciting. Nations like...
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Blase Bonpane Interview in Catholic Agitator

The following is an interview with Blase Bonpane, longtime social justice, human rights, and peace activist. Blase is Director of the Office of the Americas, which he co-founded with his wife Theresa in 1983. He is a former Maryknoll priest, author of several books, and host of...
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Blase’s Commentary on “American Sniper”

Well, friends, Veterans for Peace, one of the great organizations that is dedicated to abolishing war, is co-sponsoring a national mobilization to shut down Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada. Since 2009, dozens of activists have been arrested for allegedly...
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